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Hi all, I recently did a fairly comprehensive SLI scaling analysis with GTX 780's in single, 2-way and 3-way SLI configurations and a selection of games, in an effort to look at and isolate the many different factors that influence SLI scaling, as well as to establish if any bottlenecks were occuring by looking at and analysing the data from those many variables. This is the link for it: The graphs were set up by a friend of mine so not sure how they would go posting into the forum, so figured it was best to just direct people to it, plus it's fairly lengthy. This is the first such analysis that I've done, so any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated, I tried to investigate a little further than what I've traditionally seen in benchmarks. I intend on upgrading my system when the pascal gen cards come in next year, so I'll be doing an analysis then and comparing the SLI efficiency between the generations, I also have some theories on GPU core count and how it impacts scaling, but I'm still researching that one. Anyway, I appreciate any feedback you might have. Thank you.
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