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'NEW' Artisan Hien

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I picked up a new Artisan Hien as I've wanted to go to a more control style of mouse-play. I've posted my thoughts on my previous Artisan Hien. The problem was that my old Hien that I occasionally used, definitely doesn't have the floor space for my new style, plus I had got the soft, which I don't really like that much.

So, I picked up another Artisan Hien 'mid'.

The Artisan packaging says it is a 'new' Hien, and indeed it looks different than my other two. I thought it was simply a rebranding thing, designating it as a new production, but it appears to be quite different.

It feels similar, has the signature Hien glide, but the material on the pad surface looks and feels noticeably different...for the better in my case.

You can shine a light on the 'old' and 'new' pads and a hexagonal pattern will comeout all sparkly on the 'new' Hiens. The weave is also clearly finer. The 'shineys' kinda resemble the glass in a Shiden-Kai. It has less of the 'grippiness' than the original Hien on the skin.

I dunno how long this has been out, but I got my 'old' Hiens probably two years ago. They appear to have surfaced the Hien texture with something.

Anyway, it's an excellent upgrade if you already own a Hien, or want a good control pad. You can tell if it's the 'new' one because it says Artisan along the side and is 'sparkly' when you shine a light on it. The 'old' Hiens had no writing on them, and featured 4 very tiny inscrutable pictograms along the side and has no shine under a light.

The 'new' Hien is not as grippy on the skin, but has the same mouse-feel to the skates and seems to have better tracking.

So, again, it's possible this 'new' version is not that 'new', and people may be aware of this, or maybe I caught an early upgrade. I've always ordered direct from Artisan.
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Originally Posted by czerro View Post

So, I picked up another Artisan Hien 'mid'.

The 'new' Hien is not as grippy on the skin, but has the same mouse-feel to the skates and seems to have better tracking.

Same here been using it now for more than six months and am extremely happy with it's surface. Every mouse seems to love moving upon it and the surface doesn't irritate my skin when I rest part of my forearm.

I purchased a Dark Blue one since I've mostly got all black coloured pads in my collection. Plus the way Artizan pads STICK to the surface of my desk is unbelieveable, like supa-glue really can not be moved or deformed when playing harshly with a mouse, like most cloth pads can.

Hate to say it, the Japanese are really making some choice mouse pads these days.
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Did the packaging for your Hien state that it was a "new Hien" or that it had a "New Mid" foam layer? I got a second Hien last summer with the New Mid foam layer and the surface was very different from my first hien. The cloth material was much more rigid, kind of like a G-TF Rough, the glide was similar to the Rough as well with considerably more static friction than my old Hien. The differing X and Y axis friction is seemingly absent as well.

Maybe I'm just crazy and my first Hien is uncharacteristic of what the Hien's glide is supposed to be like.
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Edit: I realize I confuse my new/old, 'new'/'old' elements in this assessment. What I mean to say is I wanted to purchase a new pad believing it to be a size upgrade to my existing Hien's. New to me. But the packaging identifies it as a 'new' Hien mid. It's different. From that point I was identifying from the perspective of the Artisan identified 'new' pad and my existing 'old' pads.

Yeah, it reminds me of a G-TF Speed surface. They might have further tightened up the stippling on the pad and coated it with something, which resembles to me the characteristics of the Shiden-Kai under direct light. I don't own a rough. It's definitely a finer texture than the other Hien's I own, has rebranded elements on the edge, and something about the surface that now makes it shiney, less grippy, and better tracking.

I don't want people to think it's not an awesome control pad, I'm just speaking to the signature skin grip of the other Hien's I own. It's really not that noticeable on this version, but probably the halfway you would like for that surface. Like, you want it to grip a little on the skin, but maybe the original Hien was too much for all-purpose use.

Artisan is such a good company, but they are really bad about defining product characteristics and upgrades. I can't find any information about this, but it's definitely different and for the better.
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That's odd since my first Hien has a surface that has a similar texture but has a soft to the touch cloth feel that the second Hien lacks.
They might have made a revision since I got my second Hien since my newer Hien has a very abrasive almost sandpaper like surface which feels pretty awful against my forearm.

Actually most of your description for the newer Hien doesn't match mine at all tongue.gif
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That's interesting, I am loathe to do this, but I will take...pictures...and post them. I'm not sure the 'shiney hexagonal' will come out on my camera phone, or the shiney opposed to the non-shiney.

Again, I feel like I created a problem in my original post.

By 'new' a mean a product designated by Artisan on the sleeve as 'NEW Hien Mid'...but it was also MY new Hien Mid, simply meaning it was the most recently purchased. So I think the new/old dialogue might have become confusing as I'm actually not sure that this change in the Hien is not extant from 1.5-2 years ago.

It IS different from my other Hien surfaces and their sleeves designate them as simply Hien Softs.

Do you own two different Hiens? Whats the branding on the side of your Hiens look like?
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I guess I wasn't that clear in my original post, I was asking if the packaging was calling it the "New Hien" or the new mid. I was curious if Artisan had changed the surface of the Hien since I got my "New Mid" as I didn't like the surface of that one and was hoping that Artisan might have revised to surface to be a little bit softer like my first Hien.

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Wow. Ok that's interesting.

OK, so my point is your 'new' pad with the artisan branding has a 'new' designation before the model name.

Your old Hien hard does not have this. It simply says 'Hard'.

If you shine a light on the surface, you do not see a difference? The 'hard' Hien has been unavailable for a long time, so your Hien is at least or older than my 'olds'.

You don't see any difference in the tightness of the stippling between your two pads just naturally eye-balling it?

Like, it's not really a performance concern. I do feel it's an improvement, but I'm just trying to point out that there is a 'new' Hien. Whether you like it as much is debatable, but not what my PSA was regarding smile.gif.

I've been a huge supporter of some characteristics of the Hien...and I never realized that the pad changed! That's my point. It's a different pad surface now, and even someone like me that purchases Artisan pads more regularly than jo schmoe is unaware of this, and obsoletes any Hien reviews, despite nobody ever mentioning this.

So, that's the point. Hiens are different now. I find them better, but I never owned an original/hard. They didn't make those anymore when I got my first Hien. Look closely at the grain of the pad. Different. Do the hard-light test. Different...revealing a stamped coating.

Edit: I get that you think the model number is describing the pad layer, as that's all that designation has represented previously. It's a model number though, and not in reference to the pad. They even made the case designation to represent this. The new reference for the new surface is 'new' 'PAD LEVEL'.

'SOFT' vs 'new SOFT' means the new pad on a soft layer. That's just how Artisan describes things. The 'new' is clearly not in reference to the pad depth, though that may also be different. I don't have anything to really consistently compare.

You also stated that your opinion of the surface is different than mine, because you don't like it as much. That wasn't the point. The point is that it IS different, which you supported. I think this will blow everyone's mind that the Artisan Hien has an update to it. No enthusiast site has addressed this. No enthusiast has tested it. I mean...NOBODY is aware of this. I accidentally discovered this, and I think it's VERY interesting and an improvement.

Just as long as people will know there is a new Hien substantially different from the old, while maintaining most of the characteristics of the old, will be VERY interesting to people.

I know takasta doesn't pop in these forums too often, but he would probably be capable of rooting this out quite quickly.
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Originally Posted by czerro View Post

I picked up a new Artisan Hien as I've wanted to go to a more control style of mouse-play. I've posted my thoughts on my previous Artisan Hien. The problem was that my old Hien that I occasionally used, definitely doesn't have the floor space for my new style, plus I had got the soft, which I don't really like that much.
What do you meam by "floor space"? Is the new hien bigger? drool.gif
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There's definitely a difference between the two if I shine a light on the surface, I actually didn't notice it before until I put the two right next to each other but my older Hien has a tighter weave to it. The Hien is more shiny when I shine a light on it, I'm not sure if I can notice a hexagonal pattern though. The older Hien looks like it has lines going across it, it's hard to describe but it's probably the reason for the differing X and Y axis friction on it.

I wonder if my old Hien Hard is more similar to the Kai g3 Hien.

I think there's been a bit of a misunderstanding, I understand that Artisan has revised the "Mid" which is now called "New Mid" to sort of bridge the gap between the old Mid and the Hard since the Hard was discontinued. I believe that my "New Mid" Hien is probably the same as yours, I was just a bit confused initially.
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