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I bought the XPREDATOR X1 Case a while back and I am getting bored of the side panel because it is bumpy with 2 mesh fan holes on it.. I want it so I can see inside the case and add some lighting to it .. Question is.. With the space at the front of the side panel and at the back, what could I use as my template ? Any outline designs in mind? I am thinking to have clear acrylic at the back of the side panel stuck on there using double sided tape and I will etch the acrylic to add a design into that.

For people who are aware of the case, they will know that at the back of the case there is like the slightest gap between the bump which has the fans on there and the part which attaches to the computers frame. I want to use a dremel to cut through the case however I dont know how I will keep such a small gap from being cut. Any ideas?
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