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Any news on this?
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Have you tried the stock 2GB bios?
Because I think the bios you flashed may be an incompatible one with the gpu itself because i thaught it should boot but with display corruption instead of a full black screen, maybe the stock 2GB bios would have detected the extra memory.
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Well, I'm pretty disappointing after reading this thread on the amount of help you got from the modders on the site. Also that you gave up and removed the chips (as that was the hard part).

So many questions come to mind not the least of which is what is the pcb number and where is a 4g version pictured? It should be simple to note the ic location differences if the board has a 4g version (which i'm guessing it should as you flashed a 4g bios). Or did you just grab any ol 4g bios? I don't see a gpuz shot anywhere. Did you research at all before starting this, if so you need to put that info in the OP such as the Device ID.

As was stated Nvidia is using a config strap so it is a good guess that that check is failing to match the bios and that is halting the initialization process of the card. Also there should be no doubt that there are other supporting chips that have to be added and doing a check on the mem controller to see if GK104 controller has been hobbled (doubtful but possible).

I don't mod vid cards so I can't be alot of help but I can certainly tell you went into this project haphazardly. I'm surprised for an engineering student, what are you in your first semester?

Also you do not even mention what the card is? from looking around I see it looks to be a match for MSI but i'm not going to research the entire line to find it when you should at least have it posted. I just wasted 1/2 hour trying to find a populated 4g version but without knowing the pcb it's too time consuming.

Here are a bunch of links with good info.

I think this is your card?
MSI reinvented its brand to the gamer-overclocker crowd with its Gaming series. We were mighty impressed with the GeForce GTX 770 Gaming, which we reviewed the other week; and today we have with us the GeForce GTX 760 Gaming. Based on a brand-new, OC-friendly PCB and the same TwinFrozr Gaming Series cooling solution as its older sibling, the card offers a mild factory-overclock at a small premium.


And this is the 4gb version

Link for pictures of this anywhere?

I can't read the pcb info from the pics.

I get GPU Device Id: 0x10DE 0x1187 Version: 80.04 for your Device ID, Is that correct?


GK104 info

Anyway, I don't want to seem harsh just pointing out that you must plan in advance before any project.
This should be engraved in your brain 5 Steps To Solving Engineering Problems

This is a great project Idea and should be extremely educating if you complete it. You can more than likely find a 4g version on ebay for practically nothing if it is bad and use that for parts and reference.

just keep n eye on here till a broken one shows up for peanuts.

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