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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice on safe voltages for my 4690K. I currently have it OC'd to 4.65 and stable with a voltage of 1.27 but for some reason the voltage is being overriden and showing 1.29 in CPU-Z. I used the voltage override feature in the bios but the motherboard still wants to increase it.

So my question, I'd love to get to 5.0GHz and I'm wondering how much further I can push the voltage or what other settings I can tweak to get there. I was able to get it to 4.7ghz stable for about an hour while stressing with AIDA64 and was able to get into Windows at 4.8 with 1.29V but it crashes whenever I try to do anything other than web browse. Also, temps at 4.7 are about 71 degrees while on full load.