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Hey guys,

This is the first time I'm assembling a computer component, I'm just wondering whether I installed the Onboard Headers and Connectors correctly for the System Panel Header.

Basically this is the motherboard I'm using, Asrock Z97 Extreme6:

The System Panel Header is in page 27 of PDF file (or page 25 of manual)

The thing is those pins on my motherboard does not show the positive or negative sign, only white and black wires.

The PLED wires are separate, I've plugged the white wire into the first column and the black wire into the second column of the first row.

The HDLED wires are not separate but still have 1 white and 1 black wire, so I plugged the white into first column and black into the second. (of the second row)

The PWRBTN wires is also not separate and comes in black and white, I plugged the white one into 3rd column of first row, and the black one into the GND one to its right? (is this even correct? what does GND mean?)

However for the RESET wires, they are both black and also not separate. Does it matter where I plug it as long as one wire connects to the RESET# hole, and the other one to the GND hole anywhere on the system panel header?

Sorry for asking these questions, but this is absolutely the first time I'm learning to assemble. And this instruction manual is not very clear or the wires are not labelled correctly.

Appreciate any response!