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Hey bro`s I hope you all are doing fine I am doing a water cooled PC in chaser A31 but I am stucked as my RES 240mm and i am willing to place it above the HDD cages just like this build

but first I wanted to know how did he removed the cage below the power buttons?

I am gonna cool the CPU only this gpu latter

Koolance CPU-380I Water Block
Koolance Dual 120mm Copper High Flow Radiator
KOOLANCE LIQ-702(BLUE) Liquid Coolant Bottle, 700mL
Koolance PMP-500 Pump, G 1/4 BSP
Koolance Reservoir Body, 60x240mm (WxL),
Fitting,Compression for 10mm x 13mm
PVC fitting Came from Koolance

Z77 D3h
8 GB Corsiar Vengence
GX 750
R9 280
Chaser A31