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win 8.1 x64 full retail from with my pre built stystem from
age 8 months
OS age same 8 months, not re installed
4770k, maximus gene vi micro atx
780ti classy evga, corair 860w red writing PS

only get now and again when ive been gameing ive had it
my gpu is overclocked a little and over volted to 1.12
my CPU is overclocked to 4.4 volt 1.30
uncore 3.9 volt auto 2411k .zip file

some of the first bios i had ai suite so i could use fan expert i thort that was causing it so i uninstalled it the last 1 today was with it uninstalled

it wont let me run perfmon /report

An error occured while attempting to generate the report.

The operator or administrator has refused the request.

been messing with this i am set as administrator so dont no why its doing this been on google for the last 2 hours trying to fix it mad.gif

my shop had it overclocked for me at 4.2 1.26 volts it run fine only really had these since i overclocked it more i use my pc everyday
thinking of setting it back to shop settings
hope you guys can help me out

thanks in advance for any help
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