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Hello! This is my first thread on here, but I know my way around a bit. So I swapped heatsinks for my CPU the other day (installed the coolermaster hyper212 evo), and I had to take the board out to do so. Now I have done some modding to this tower, and some overclocking, but i have never removed the board before. So the swap was a little tricky, but I watched a few how-to videos, and followed all of the instructions to a T and got everything in just fine. Or so I thought haha. The computer wouldn't boot for me. It was on a constant (black screen) 10sec reboot cycle, wouldn't get to POST or anything. So I did a little research online, and double checked my work. Come to find out there is a common occurrence of RAM slots going bad when you take your board out and start monkeying around when you don't quite know what you're doing ha... So my board has 4 RAM slots, and I was using slots 1, 2, and 3 all with PNY 800mhz DDR2 (one 2gb stick along with two 1gb sticks). I know, I know, I should probably stick to even numbers... but it was working just fine with 3gb on single channel for me. So after the heatsink swap my RAM slots 2 and 4 are now bad, and if i install any (I tried some old Corsair RAM I had to see if that made any difference, it didn't) RAM into any combination of my RAM slots using slots 2 or 4 I go back to the reboot cycle... Slots 1 and 3 still work just fine. So I'm wondering if there is a solution or a fix for those bad RAM slots now? I'd really like to up my RAM back up without having to buy a new board!

Any input on the topic will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!