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Amazon is usually good with returns. Just dont destroy the packaging when you open it. If you dont like it you can just claim it has rattle.
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Lovely! Thanks smile.gif

I think I'll buy both the G502 and 303 and return them if I don't like it ... I just salivate for that sensor though!!
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Well, if Romania has a consumer law that says you can return a product bought online in 14 days without needing a specific reason, i guess UK has one too. I hope this link answers you questions.
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Originally Posted by dmbr View Post

where to order, please?
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Ooooh bois ! Amazon prepare your legal team because I'm so gonna abuse this law! biggrin.gif

I can try any mouse for simply P&P price and if I like it, I keep it for the original price! Thanks guys!!

G502 and G303 testing here I come!!
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Frankieonpcin1080p would be a gonna by now then. What's more, it's just two mice and I could always make a new account right?
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They ban you by address lol
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get a PO box, problem solved
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Or you can just get Amazon Prime. Amazon is probably far more lenient to paying customers than the penny pinchers like me who use exploits to get free shipping.
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