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temperature controlled fan

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Hello, I've just moved to a smaller apartment and have had to put my computer (older Core2duo) in a cabinet. I'm looking to add a fan to the cabinet to keeps the temps under control. I'm looking for a fan and/or controller that will vary the speed based on temperature, not an on/off unit. All of the 120v units I've seen are super loud and would drive me nuts so I've got an 80mm fan in there now powered from an old 12v power source but it's pretty loud as well. Ideally the unit would be stand alone but I could tee off a fan header if need be. I've got the room for a 120mm fan so I may as well utilize it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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What you are looking for is either a PWM fan that can be plugged into a motherboard header and controlled via bios or a program like Speedfan. Or a fan controller that controls speed by regulating the voltage. A fan controller is not temperature based, so you have to set the speed manually which is very easy to do since it's on the front of your case.

Good luck and welcome to OCN! thumb.gif
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Arctic F12 TC is temperature controlled with a remote sensor.
It idles at 400rpm up to 32c, then starts ramping up to 1350rpm at 38c.
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