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I was playing a game earlier today, a game I play quite often, and in the middle of playing my screen went blank and would not display anything regardless of keyboard commands. I hard shutdown my computer then restarted. I noticed right from the get go anything image/video based on the web was loading much slower. (possibly relying on the CPU to load while on Google Chrome?) I then tried to launch the game again, and instant black screen. This leads me to believe at high GPU loads my GPU is cutting out display completely.

My GPU is an AMD Radeon HD 5770. It usually puts out: GPU 850Mhz / Memory 1200Mhz
I was using AMD Overdrive to push it up to 925Mhz/1345Mhz.

I previously used 3DMark to make sure there were no artifacts or instability. In fact I was fine running 950Mhz/1400Mhz, but had sized down to be a bit conservative. I have been running the above 925/1345 setup whenever gaming for the last week or so with no problems at all. My temps have never been above 73c and usually stay about 58-65c at full load.

So, am I screwed or what?