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Samsung XP941 vs. conventional SSD

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So I'm building a PC at the moment that needs to be able to support large file transfers fast, primary use is gaming but I'm going to be running a few development systems from it that pack a punch. I was initially going to go with an OCZ 240GB Vector 150 Series SSD, but after buying my AsRock Z97 Extreme6 I quickly became aware of it's x4 M.2 SSD functionality - and in turn, have looked at buying an XP941.

Now, I plan to run the system in the first instance with a single GTX970, and I don't mind that being dropped down to x8 rather than x16, in all honesty I don't think that anything is going to be so demanding it'll need the full set of channels. The drawback comes in when I add, as I plan to, a second GTX970 in SLI, which will then be running on x4, the other x4 being for the M.2 - is that going to be a noticeable impact? Google seems to suggest no but I wanted to double check.

In addition, I've seen a lot about the XP941 running at 110 degrees+ - how major of an issue are we talking here, is it something that can be worked around, is it dangerous... etc.

TL;DR: Is an XP941 worth it, are they safe, are the implications in terms of PCIe channels worth it and, as a bonus, is there a better SSD around 256GB that I've missed?


AsRock Z97 Extreme6
Swiftech H220X
4 x 1TB HDD in Raid 10
16 GB RAM @ 1600MHz
Corsair C750M
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Wont work. SLI doesn't run on PCIE 3.0 4x bandwidth.

Crossfire rig w/ an XP941 on z97? Go for it.
SLI w/ an XP941 on z97? Nope



Regardless, to answer your questions:

- Will x4 bandwidth for a GPU have an impact? Nope, not for any card that's available atm at least.
- Is an XP941 worth it? That's purely up to your own usage scenarios and opinion. My XP941 loads game data (load screens etc.) extremely quickly - a good couple of seconds quicker than my 128gb 840 Pro did
- Are they safe? Ramcity reports a minuscule RMA rate on these drives. Despite the running temps, they appear to hold up well
- "Better" in terms of performance? Nope, there's currently nothing faster
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Okay, I can deal without SLI. What about the heat, is it an issue? From what I've seen it gets to about 110 degrees.
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Temperature doesn't appear to be an issue, although I'd be cautious of running such a device in a limited air-flow environment (such as on a m.2 slot on the backside of a mobo). Whilst the 100-110C temperatures don't appear to be harming these devices, I wouldn't go out of my way to further increase temperatures with poor case airflow.

Keep in mind that those temps are the result of reasonably long write bursts, rather than short write bursts and/or long read bursts.
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Sorry your reply didn't load on my phone before I replied! Final Q, I've read there's a firmware that hasn't yet reached production which means they aren't currently running at their full potential, do you know the name of it?
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Theoretically it'll have good airflow, on the top side of the mobo infront of the drive fans, though it will be quite close to the GPU, case is a C70, I think it should be alright
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Not a worry. I haven't been paying attention to the release of new firmware for this device. A good place to ask would likely be Sean's SSD thread
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