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Help! New AMD Build!

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Just realized posted this in wrong Section should have been posted in the AMD General, if someone can move this post would be appreciated!

Alright, so I have built few computers in my Past, but this was my first time picking out all my parts on my own as well as full on Assemby.
Everything seems to be assembled right (and have had friends who also build PC's look at it and agree'd) but I am having seriously Issue's.

I don't wanna go into the amount Spent (though can easily be figure'd out roughly by tracking down the parts, but lets say I saved up for a while to make this build)
So on Paper the build looks great, amazing, perfect...... but in reality I'm having a lot of problems and desperately looking for help!

When I get into doing really anything my PC freezes and Hands until manually restarted. I've done RAM tests (did memtest for up to 8 hours while I slept and it took them to 150%~ scans 0 errors), done Graphics Benchmarks ect...... most everything seems good? So having issue's figuring out my problems.


Graphics Card
XFX AMD R9 290X (8GB)

(Running 2 of these Crossfired)

AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History
14.12 AMD Catalyst Omega Software

Tried pretty much all version from 13.1 and up

Operating System
Windows 8.1 (Have tried Re-formatting and contacting Windows, OS is not the issue)

Issue Details
Issue happens mainly while playing Graphics Intensive Games. (Mostly Diablo 3 is what I am playing these days) Have tried using 1 card, 2 cards not crossfired, and 2 cards crossfired, experienced the same issue in all cases. Have tried playign with Vertical Sync on and off in all cases with same issue's. (V-Sync Required for Crossfire)

Applications and Games
Only Game has happened with during play is Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2, but also happens outside of games.

Issue also happened when doing a Stability test to push my PC to see about Overclocking. (Nothing is currently overclocked in the System.)

CPU Details

AMD FX-9590 4.7 GHz (8Core) Processor

Noctua NH-D15

Motherboard or System Make & Model
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard R2

Motherboard BIOS Version
BIOS Version: 2501

System Memory Type & Amount
32GB RAM, Coarsair Dominator Brand.

Power Supply

Rosewill PHOTON-1200 - PHOTON Series 1200 Watt


Additional Hardware
250GB Samsung Black SSD
(2x) 2TB WesterDigital Black Edition HDD

Additional Details
No Overclocking has been done.

With recording Temp's of my PC as I game Graphics Cards normamlly Stay around 60C-65C while gaming, Processor sits around 45C.

Been dealing with this issue for 2 weeks, any fixes would be greatly appeciated as I'm ready to finally enjoy this new PC.

I'm desperate to get this Machine running and help would be greatly appreciated!



Also a thread going on within the AMD forums about my build if anyone would like to check there for References:
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You left out one thing...what are you using to cool your cpu?
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Ah sorry I put it in the Build in Sig but forgot it in Post Body.
Using the Noctua ND-D15, it may not be a Liquid Cooling unit but seen a lot of reviews saying it works, I'm wondering if I may need to upgrade due to crossfiring 2 of the XFX Amd R9 290X (8gb's) may be putting out too much for it?

Edit: Added it to original message.
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