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Originally Posted by Unicr0nhunter View Post

Have you tried just removing the internal tube? (I'm assuming it's removeable). Inlet tubes are for when you have the reservoir the other side up and have a top inlet in order to bring the incoming fluid below the fluid level in the res so the res can still trap air. Without it air would just escape out the top inlet tube whenever you stopped the pump. When you have a bottom inlet you don't need it and I suspect it could be helping shoot the fluid up to the top of the res adding to the turbulence issues you are having.

I hadn't even thought about removing the tube, I thought it was there to help reduce turbulence?

It doesn't help that the only piece of my loop that came with instructions was the cpu block lol! Had to figure the rest out just by years of drooling over pictures of everyone else's custom loops!
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Drained my loop last night to add my second radiator that finally turned up from WCUK (1-3 day delivery my male donkey!).
Tried opening the res but the end caps won't budge, so instead I've flipped it over, now using the single port end as outlet to pump, the internal tube port as loop inlet from my roof mounted rad, and the port I was using as pump outlet is now attached to a fill/drain line.

It's solved the turbulence problem, and the pump no longer "coughs" when turned on, but there is an annoying trickling noise coming from the 240mm Monsta in the front of my case.

I'm guessing theres some trapped air in there as occasionally a few bubbles run out of it, tried rocking/flipping the case but hasn't fixed it yet, will this solve its self over time?

I have thought about loosening one or both of the top ports to let air out, but it's such a tight fit to the bottom of the 5.25" bays that's gonna require some cutting that I don't really want to do.
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