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Originally Posted by WideVector View Post

Did some more searching and found a review that includes all the coolers I've looked at; Macho 120, Deepcool Neptwin, and a lot, if not all, of other popular coolers, including the True Spirit 140 recommended by doyll. It's russian website so google translate might be needed. This is one of the better reviews I've seen, and love that it includes so many coolers.


Overall temperatures with noise levels

This one shows the maximum overclock achieved by each cooler with the respective temperatures and noise levels.

After looking at these I can see why doyll recommends the True Spirit 140 so much. It's one of the best temperature wise, and at low fan speeds, one of the quietest while still giving very good temperatures. Once you include the price of $50 shipped from Amazon, also one of the cheapest. I didn't originally want a cooler this large, but looking at these, and other results, it's a no brainer and I am completely sold on it.

doyll wouldn't steer you wrong. Thermalright makes some great coolers.
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I know that, but it's always nice to see some actual numbers, especially with those of other coolers I was considering. Seeing the TS140 perform so well while still being quiet and being cheaper than most of its competition is just unreal.
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Again, the problem is delta temps are based off of room temperature, not cooler intake air temperature. mad.gif
The room temperature is controlled next to the system with an electronic thermometer with measurement accuracy 0,1 ° C and the ability to monitor changes in hourly room temperature for 6 hours. During this test, it fluctuated in the range 23,8-24,2 ° C.
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