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Hello from a newcomer !

After searching a lot for a solution, I decided to register here and ask for some help regarding my project with my ISK600 case :-)

I bought an ISK600 last year to build a gamer mini-itx config with a A10 APU + R9 280X. Initially I was thinking only about aircooling... that was a big mistake...
So I tried to find a solution (GPU quickly throttled @100°C and more) by cutting a big hole for more ventilation in front of my nh-u14s, but the real issue was around the GPU. not enough air flow, and nothing to do except having the case open all the time.
The choice of the case was a mistake for sure, and now I'm trying to switch to a custom watercooling solution. I sold back the supply + GPU and the NH-U14S soon.

The ISK600 can take only one 120mm watercooling kit, but I would like to have at least a 240mm system, and why not a dual 240 if the gpu waterblock height is ok biggrin.gif ! Will buy sfx 600w and all the stuff that fit in ncase m1 usually ;-)

So my main issue right now is to find a solution to fix a 240 mm radiator at the top of the case. I searched for a 230mm wide rad shroud/box without success. I'm even thinking to create a custom model to 3D print in plastic somewhere...

Maybe someone have good tips in my project ? smile.gif

(yes I tried to cut the steel on front of ventirad... rolleyes.gif)