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Originally Posted by detto87 View Post

I thought about those big pads too, but having a pad that size is putting my keyboard way too far to the left. That's why I went for the Deskpad 4XL which is 1200x600 so everything can sit on it.

here's about what you can expect:
outlined table and mat for contrast biggrin.gif
might look funny because the mouse is on the left side, but i'm sure it gives you a good idea..
orange area is about 50cm x 40cm, or 19.7" x 15.7"
it doesn't look like a big area in this picture, but it's really damn royal smile.gif

i guess i could've gotten 1 size down, but luckily my desk was big enough to house this one smile.gif
i'm pretty sure mine is soon reaching 1 year.. (happy birthday, Mat! biggrin.gif)

edit: oops. read your post again and only now i realise you already own it..
oh well biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by trriL View Post

The waves on this pad are terrible they still aren't gone yet for me. Did your pad have some loose strands of fabric on the edges, like the picture below?

Sorry, what I said was wrong. I remember now I rotated the mousepad to avoid the issue (and also hide the logo).

Thought, putting a plate for tea on a regular basis seemed to have reduced the waves quite a bit.

Yes. After looking for it I can find some loose strands on the edges.
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