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Question about i7 3930K: pushing to 4.8Ghz

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Hi Overclockers.net,

I used SBe guide to overclock my 3930k and have stable (by my standards) overclock at 4.7Ghz 1.440V Core. I can't push it further, even though temperatures are reasonable (it is watercooled, with additional fan above VRM area). Here's what is puzzling me:

Even if I keep multiplier at 47x, but raise the voltage, to say, 1.47, computer reboots a second after I hit benchmark button in XTU (I use Intel Extreme Tuning Utility).

I am curious, why would system reboot, even though I don't change multiplier? I would guess it is due to power supply, but I have 1300W power supply, so assuming it is not defective, should be enough. I tried increasing max turbo watts/A, but that won't help.

My motherboard is Intel DX79TO, probably not the most overclock friendly, but that's what I have smile.gif

Help is appreciated smile.gif
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It could be due to some kind of Intel Overvoltage protection. I have an MSI mobo, and there are some features built into the BIOS settings that let me turn off the protection, look around and see if there is a safety feature for voltage. I would assume that if the CPU reached it's Overvoltage limit, the computer would restart, and apply safer settings by the standards it sets for security.

I am probably 60% savvy with overclocking and figuring things out by my own means of understanding. I, myself, have been having issues with my 3770K... http://www.overclock.net/t/1548259/stabilizing-reverting-intel-i7-3770k-help
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Thank you for your response. This is something I suspected as well, especially with Intel usually being more conservative than other makers. I was pleasantly surprised I can overclock DX79TO at all. I have not yet found setting like that, mobo manual just mentions that there's a feature that protects hardware from overvoltage. In any case - 4.7 on intel mobo is good already, right? smile.gif

I haven't messed with PLL/SA voltages yet, but there appears to be no point in that at the moment...

Regarding your overclock: if you run closed case, here's what I used to cool VRM (it heats like hell while overclocking): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835209044&cm_re=antec_cool_spot-_-35-209-044-_-Product Found it cheaper on ebay though (assuming you're in US). Good luck.
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