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Hi there,
I recently purchased a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 and have been fiddling with the overclock settings, trying to get something that's stable. Yesterday, after looping through Firestrike Extreme for a while to make sure that my GPU core clock was stable, I was playing Dying Light, and left the computer alone for a bit with the game paused (at least I think it was paused). When I came back, there were only three icons on my desktop (I had at least thirty before), the background had changed to the Windows default, and certain applications such as CoreTemp looked like they were running in compatibility mode or with the Windows 98 old, gray theme. In device manager, Windows is showing as detecting my GTX 970, and it doesn't indicate that there's anything wrong with it. What could have gone wrong here? What should I do to diagnose/address the issue? Thanks in advance! By the way, I'm about to check on the event logs and see if that yields something helpful.

There are several event logs labeled as "Critical" or "Error" that each say something close to:
Windows has started up:
Boot Duration: 88583ms
IsDegredation: false
Incident Time (UTC): 2015-03-27T01:00:21.968000800Z