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Hey there!

If anyone has a Titan X by EVGA or any other reason why he did / could turn of his stock cooler for measuring I would be very thankfull!

Anyways, after a lot of research and the fact that color changing copper is way to difficult I decided to order a X amount of these Heatsinks to cool the VRM and the 12 exposed rams next to the GPU. (I'll reuse my Arctic backplate to help cooling from behind)

Here is a picture of the PCB

From my understanding VRM 1 is the strip on the right side of the silver thingys.

Now I have some additional questions.

- Do the black chips on the left side of the silver thingy also need Heatsinks?
- Where is VRM 2 located?
- Does the Titan X have VRM heat sensors?

Additionally, since Aluminium is electricity conductive and the first lines of the VRM looks like they will just cover the "half" of the heatsink, will I run in trouble there?

Thanks for your help smile.gif