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NEWB: Need Help w/ CPU for ASRock 970M Pro3 mATX MOBO

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I am gathering parts to put together a mid price range small form factor Micro ATX build in a

- Silverstone SG10 Case
- Antec 620M 80+ Bronze PSU
- Cooler Master 212 Evo
- R9 280 GPU
- ASRock 970M Pro3 mATX motherboard
- SDD: 850 Evo 250gb
- HDD: 1TB 7200

This isn't a gaming specific build, need it for multitasking the occasional PS/LR editing, mainly web browsing, & BF4 type/category of games, etc.

^ This board seems to have a small amount of VRM heatsinks, but nothing like the higher priced ATX models available. I guess some is better than none.

* I would be content with the factory set 4/4.2 of the FX 8350, that is if this motherboard can support this without any issues.
^ Concerned the 4+1 Phase will not be adequate, as I read most recommend 6+2 at the min. and 8+2 as the std. Not sure if this is for OC needs or factory clock.

ASRock site does list all the FX 8-series and below CPUs as being compatible, but recommends a top down cooler for any 125W CPU. Site states that that it "Supports CPU up to 140W"

I plan on setting the the rear 120mm & top 180mm as IN/EX depending on which yields better VRM & Case temps. Both are right next to the VRM corner of the motherboard.

I'm looking at these AMD FX CPUs from MC current deal:

$90 - FX 6300 95W OC to 4.2
$110 - FX 6350 125W OC to 4.2

$100 - FX 8320e 95W OC to 4.0
$120 - FX 8370e 95W OC to 4.0
$150 - FX 8350 125W . . . . I guess "As Is" at 4.0/4.2 ???

- I'm not looking to try to push this 4+1 phase motherboard hard, just want it reliable with acceptable temps & performance.

- I added the 8370E to my cart, but am still ??? on which to go with.
- Will the 8370E yield less of power draw OC matched to the 8350 stock?
- I would like to use a 8 core FX CPU but don't want to risk reliability during multi-task prog use.

What would be the best CPU to go with this board at the above Ghz goal?

Thank you for the time and consideration.
- "NEWB"
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For what it's worth, I am using the 8320E on the ASRock 970 Extreme overclocked to 4.3 Ghz at 1.3 volts and have had no issues. Temps are at 30°c at idle and about 40°c under load. I am using a CM 212 EVO with fans mounted on each side of the tower in a push push configuration exiting the top of the case. This is in addition to a bottom mounted case fan drawing air in along with the front case fan and a second fan mounted on the top of the case. I also have the rear case fan pushing air out the back. The bottom and front fans are my only intakes. I have been finding this has worked the best so far. I am not saying this method will work for you but figured I'd offer my experience. Good luck with the new build!
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Go for FX-8320E, FX-8370E or even FX-8370.

They all have significantly less (> 20% on average) leakage than the older models / production.
High currents are the reason behind the VRM requirements not the rated power itself.
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