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B286HK Ghosting Issues

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Hey! I was hoping someone could possibly help me out. I ordered an Acer B286HK at the end of 2014 for $350, which is a really good deal for a 28" 4k display. Unfortunately, there has been a really bad inverted ghosting issue, which from my research, is due to overdrive being set too high/low. However, there is no overdrive option for this particular monitor. Is there anything I can do other than hope Acer fixes it under warranty? Otherwise I'll be stuck with this horrible ghosting issue until I replace it (not any time soon). When I called Acer it was your typical Indian call center that I could hardly understand, so I just asked for an RMA and said to put ghosting in the notes, which is why I'm not 100% sure if they'll fix it or not.

Btw I've tried two different graphics cards, two different display port cables, two DVI cables, HDMI, changing resolution, changing refresh rate, messing with every in-monitor setting, and nothing seems to work at all.

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It's by design, an inherent feature of the monitor and many others. Unless yours is actually defective, you're not getting anything fixed.

If it bothers you, you have to avoid buying (or at least go ahead and return) a model where this behavior is exhibited and can't be altered in the settings. Some older Acer models had an option to turn overdrive off in the secret service menu. I have an Acer monitor from a year or two back that I don't use for moving content. It also has severe overdrive issues (not a problem when displaying web, spreadsheets, code, etc.) but no option to change it even in the service menu.
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