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Hey guys,

The Windows Update just installed a new Realtek HD driver over my Asus Realtek driver and the sound disappeard. I cleaned the mess and installed the good old driver from the CD, which is also the latest version of the Sonic Studio driver. The sound is back, but the driver itself just crashes whenever I open it and try to set the settings... I can't set anything - whenever I click on "Sonic Studio" in the Realtek driver the driver crashes...

I installed an old driver from the homepage, nothing changed, but a worse sound... I even checked my speakers if they're connected right and used the connection from my keyboard, back and front of my case, nothing changed. I used CCleaner to deinstall everything, i rebooted and let windows install the normal speaker driver, then I installed the asus realtek driver, but it crashes.

Can I delete something in the registry or something to prevent the driver to crash? A normal realtek driver doesn't has Sonic Studio and the latest driver is on the CD, but the driver always crashes now.

I just found 3 threads where they had the same problem, someone suggested to deinstall Net. Framework and to install it new?

Please, I really need your help to make it work again.

Edit: I don't know why the driver from the CD doesn't work, but I finally found one on the Asus homepage which seems to work. Can be closed rolleyes.gif
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