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Hi All,

So I'm new to the forums but thought why not share my latest build so here goes.

last September after 15+ years of PC gaming I just got tired of the complications of being a PC gamer and moved to a PS4 purely for the putting a disk in, playing my game and enjoying the experience. But now I've decided that I would like to be able to play my PC games again because I'm not going to buy re-releases on the PS4 so a new build was required.

I'm not going to be doing anything crazy to begin with as I have a new born on the way but I want to document the evolution of this build as I haven't really done this with my previous builds smile.gif

Current build

Fractal Define Mini
Pentium G3258 stock HSF
MSI Gaming Z87 Matx Motherboard (Keep)
Onbaord Graphics
4Gb GSkill Ripjaws
Samsung Spinpoint F1 1tb (Move to home server)
Samsung Spinpoint F2 2tb (Move to home server)
Samsung Evo 250Gb SSD (Keep)
Sandisk 128Gb SSD (Keep)
Corsair AX850 (Keep - Left over from my previous gaming rig)

And I will be moving to

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Matx Case In Black -
Intel i7 4790K -
4*4 GSkill TridentX 2400Mhz DDR3 -
MSI Gaming GTX 980 -
Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo -

Cooling with the Hyper is temporary as left over from previous builds I have:

EK Supremecy Nickel Plexi
XT45 360mm Rad
XT45 240mm Rad
5 * Gentle Typhoon AP-29's 3000rpm fans (I think, they might be the AP-31's either way they are loud!!)
mcp355 & X-Res 100
All white Ghost fittings

Now there is no way this will fit in the Evolv but I'm just gonna see how things go before I go back to watercooling thumb.gif

And the first part has arrived

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