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We are so close to the launch of new cards that I'd wait and see what happens first.

AMD has new 300 series coming soon and Nvidia is sitting on a 980 Ti as well just waiting to see what AMD does.

Either way, we'll have some great new cards to play with soon.
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I really don't see the point in upgrading to a GTX980 when 390 is just around the corner.

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Nope its staying on air.

I want to drift away from AMD untill any driver issues are ironed out, for me the cards are amazing, but software is a hit and a miss.

And with a 980 Downsampling will be possible
if you have some problems related to crossfire then get a single card with one gpu.

but if the problems are related to stuttering. GCN1.1 and newer have better pacing drivers
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