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Razer "Shadow" build log!

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Hey guys, you can call me Cain smile.gif

this will be my first build log, but not my first computer. I've previously owned a small computer servicing company; and I still do it on the side. Nothing really big, just helps to add to my income and I enjoy it. Though I really enjoy working on enthusiast rigs, I seldom have the chance to. Originally I had an old dual core computer, with a single 7850 in it. This was between 2 and 4 years ago. I upgraded that computer over time, though not much could be done to it. The board had seen it's age, the case had, everything about it. Not to mention ascetically, it could easily be called Frankensteins Monster. Anyway, this became my wives rig, in the beginning all she did was play games on Facebook, and that was about it (though I've turned her to actual games now!).

I started this computer with the thought of portability in mind, and I wanted to build something I didn't want to have to upgrade every month, I wanted it to last and play what I could throw at it. It has done this, though now I want more out of it. At the time I hadn't thought of anything water cooled, it scared me a lot. I didn't want to ruin my investment and be stuck with nothing. Thought I've learned a lot now, especially about water cooling and modding in general, enough that I feel comfortable with doing this. Below is the computer I purchased originally.

- Case - I used the HAF XB for the case. I love Cooler Master, they make great cases from everything I've worked with. Solid construction, it's on a budget, and it's portable if I need to move it. It also has amazing air flow, which at the time I wasn't planning on moving past air cooling, and the board sits horizontal. That is more a personal preference then anything else, I just like it more. To top it off, it's a good budget case.

- Motherboard - Sabertooth AMD Board - Though this was there first version of it, there are two other editions that I'm aware of now. Though still, I've never had a problem with this board at all, it's been perfect.

- GPU - I grabbed two of the XFX 7850 cards. If I could go back I would have got one single more powerful card, though these cards performed, and still do perform very well for me. Not to mention, XFX has an amazing life time warranty, and a great customer service. Not to mention, they allow people to to water blocks on, without voiding the life time warranty, which is a huge plus.

- CPU - Vishera AMD 8350 - This was the best of the best at the time and still performs well, never had an issue with this.

- HDD - 1 TB HDD.

- SSD - 120 GB.

- WIndows 7

- CPU Cooler - Stock CPU cooler

- RAM - 16 GB of Vengeance Ram.

PSU - I got the XFX 750 WT. Great customer service, plus a re-branded seasonic. Works great!

My idea for this is to be Razer themed, something I'm calling the "Shadow", and may put a plate on the back of it for the few sponsors I've had for it so far. Anyway, what will be going into this when it's done.

- Case - I will be using the HAF XB again, I really like it. Though I'll but cutting a very large window in the top, and a window on each side. The side windows wont show the underside, only the top side of the case. I will be adding some weird hieroglyphs I made, the Razer logo, etc, through painting. This will be done on the inside of the case, as well as the outside of the case. Areas on the inside of the case will have green trim as well. The green paint I'm using is a Neon Green, it shows up in a black light extremely well. This will be used on the dvd drive as well, to add some more color to the outside of the case. I've also made a metal razer logo to put on the front of the case. The top side of the case will have latches on it, on the back. It will take some modding, but I've seen this done, it looks very cool. All of the windows will have a green trim around them too, though it will be thin.

- Motherboard - I'll be using the same mobo.

- GPU - I purchased 2x R9 290x XFX 8 GB editions. Great cards, great company, great warrenty.

- CPU - I will be upgrading to the 8370 in the future, though it will be towards the end of this build. I would upgrade to the 9xxx series cpu, though with it not technically being supported on this board, I don't want any problems to happen. One of the main reasons for upgrading is to give my wife computer parts that are free. >.>

- RAM - I would get 16 GB more RAM, as I want to put 16 GB of this towards a Ram Disc.

- PSU - - I got a really good deal on a 1300 WT supernova. I have cables for it too, to go with the theme smile.gif. Very nice cables.

I have both of the blocs for the GPU, using full cover EK water blocks, and a nice XSPC water block for the cpu. I'm using a 1080 Radiator, which has the Phobya fans already on it (it's a Phobya radiator). I have 7 Yate Loon fans that I've colored neon green, and it shows off extremely well. They will be inside the case for venting outward, on a very low speed. Probably not needed for this, but it can't hurt smile.gif. And, well, they're there. Might as well put them to some kind of use. I'll be using a 300mm Reservior for this mounted to the back, the pump under on the bottom side of the computer (the SSD bay will be removed, and the SSD will be placed in the front of the case in the X Dock station).

This is it for now. While I wait on getting the rest of the stuff in, stich the psu cables, I'll be working on some sketch up ideas too. Give you guys a better idea of what it is I have, and post some pictures as stuff comes in. Should turn out to be an awesome build! I'll be uploading on this roughly once a week or so, and I'll do my best to keep this steady. Not sure how long this is going to take, though I don't think too long. I have most of the stuff already.
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Update - No pictures today, tomorrow I'm going to get pictures of everything that came in as of so far, though it may take a few days to get up. I DID get the CableMod cables in, and I'm very satisfied with them. Very nice cables, and very affordable when it comes to cables being sleeved for you. I like the feeling of the paracord they use, it's not as loose as the normal stuff you can buy. It's very tight, and it doesn't have that hair look that you see with paracord a lot of the time. I've noticed no snagging as of yet. Some people said when they received there CableMod Cords, that they were undone, popping out of ends, etc. I haven't had this problem as of yet (though, I guess others could have this problem, but the cables I have are awesome). All in all, I think they do a great job. The only thing I think they could work on is having the cords pulled tighter when they are sleeved. It's not a huge deal, though if you've ever sleeved cords before you can tell that they weren't pulled tight through the process, at least not very tight. Though for the price, you really can't complain. I've seen people who did "professional" jobs, and it turned out much worse.

Items coming in

- 12 more Monsoon fittings. I'm only using monsoons in this build, I like this quite a bit. I'm just using the normal back monsoons, as the tubing is going to be green.

- My UV Green tubing!

- UV Lighting

I have most other things, besides the large items, like the CPU and such. Which may be added onto later on once I have the loop together. Still working on a sketchup, will try to have it up this week.
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