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Foget everything I said, this cards a dud!

Ran the benchmarks fine, then after an hour of crysis 3 (smooth as silk with everything maxed) it crashed, and has persistently given me either a frozen screen or (more frequently) the dreaded black screen ever since.

I have scoured the web and the black screen thread here trying every kind of "fix" I can find and nothing works, here's the things I've tried:

Different psu (my old 1200w thermaltake) / different cable combinations
Multiple different drivers (all clean removed and installed)
Driver with and without catalyst control centre
Using Asus GPU Tweak to up the 2D clocks
Using MSI Afterburner to add 0.5mv to the aux power
Down-clocking the memory
Increasing the power target
Changing fan profiles to ramp up quicker (although initial benchmark tests showed no over heating issues)
Reseating the card
Changing windows power settings to turn off PCIe link state power management

None of it made even the smallest difference, so I'm returning the card for a replacement.

EDIT: 26/04/15:

I contacted OCUK to inform them of the issue, and to ask for any other "fix" suggestions that I could try before requesting an RMA.

The only thing they could suggest that I try other than everything I already had done was to try it in my secondary rig, I didn't actually get chance to do that but put it back in my sig rig and low and behold I am writing this after 14hrs of up-time with no crashes or black screens!

Everything is back at stock with another clean install of driver 14.7 (no CCC).

Haven't tried any gaming or benches besides an hour of Peggle and watching 2 movies in VLC, then I fell asleep with the system on and left it on the desktop.

No idea what the problem was or what (I assume has) fixed it, but so far I'm happy again!
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