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I did quit WoW basically cold turkey ~2 years ago. Tried it again recently for two months, but then got bored of it and stopped since I was barely logging on in those 2 months. Honestly, life is for the better after quitting. You'll get over it.

I have played several MMO's for a few years each and whenever I decide to quit I can never go back for some reason. I try to but it never holds the initial charm it once had. Maybe because almost everything I have played was started in beta and at least a year after launch. There is always something new out there to try.
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MMOs I've played: WoW, Star Wars The Old Republic, Wildstar, Final Fantasy 14.

Since you enjoy PvP I'd recommend trying out SWToR when the next expansion hits. The first character I hit max level 50 with in that game was the most enjoyable leveling experience I've had. The raids and flashpoints were top notch as well but the release was rushed so content was lacking at the time.

Wildstar - avoid.

Final Fantasy 14 had the most fun raid boss fights I've encountered. PvP is just a game of catch the healer.

I'm not a big fan of mobas, having my fill back in the Warcraft 3 custom days but I plan to get Heroes of the Storm a try when it releases in June.

Hearthstones had plenty of expansion releases since I last played, it may be worth trying as a partial solution.
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