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I did but it was on sale cheaper than the normal variants. The description says that the manufacture can not do a return unless it is over 1 dead pixel for a pixel perfect one but the seller was kind enough to do a return. It should be here tomorrow night so my fingers are crossed. I have heard that the pixel perfects are just a gimmick but if it helps the return, it is worth it to me. Also, in case anyone was wondering, I asked if removing the stand would void the warranty since you have to essentially take the case apart and was told that as long as the bezel has no damage, they will honor the return. Good to know.
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So, is this yellow tint thing suddenly a new issue with these?

These monitors have been really tempting me. I've seen no mention of this yellow tint anywhere else.

I can't imagine they would be dumb enough to yellow tint the frigging anti-glare coating. rolleyes.gif

Also, anyone see it sold on amazon? I tried looking for it on there. I'd even pay a little extra to have an easier time with the return process should something be defective.
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how much did you get them for? mine was 279.9
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Originally Posted by BadRobot View Post

Probably out of the box 2.6ms. Mine arrived with no defects. But currently I'm having an issue where it powers off for a second or two and powers on again. I suspect the power supply but could possibly be pulling too much from the wall? I'll look into it. It doens't happen often but enough to be annoying.

I can't find anything conclusive on how refresh rate affects response time. What I did read is that say you overclock 60 to 120 and it takes 10ms to go from one frame A to B, you now have Frame A > 5ms Frame C > 5ms Frame B. Same 10ms but with a frame in between. Response time would be that it takes Pixel D in frrame A ?? ms to go from White to Black to White (or grey to grey). I'm no professional but that'd have no effect from the refresh rate except that frame C would have pixels that are already at a certain color/value before frame B happens. Again... not a professional here biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by Advil000 View Post


I think you might be misunderstanding the nature of input lag.

Input lag in overly simplistic terms is the delay related to how long between the monitor receiving a video signal from the computer and actually processing/displaying it.

Refresh rate wouldn't affect input lag any more than the space of time between two frames. If you are asking if a higher refresh rate would affect the single digit ms because the frames are compressed, the answer is yes it would be a few single ms faster simple because more frames are being delivered per second.

The real question is whether there is any meaningful ADDITIONAL delay caused by extra processing in the monitor's control board.

In the case of the Crossover, almost certainly not. It should be virtually the ideal case because it is nothing but a single input DVI controller, without even so much as an on-screen display.

My point here, is that your question isn't really a necessary one. The screen by it's nature will have supremely low input lag because it doesn't have any unnecessary processing going on internally, and it also happens to overclock to a nice refresh rate which by the nature of running a higher refresh rate and compressing frame times lowers input lag a tiny hair more.

As a contrast to the very fast Crossover, or my previous very fast BenQ 2720Z, I have a nice 47" 1080p TV that I used for several years for gaming, but discovered the up to 75ms display lag really doesn't cut it for any kind of competitive gameplay. So yes it matters, but this screen will be among the best you can possibly get for input lag.
@badrobot when did you started having this problems ? so far reading this forum, it seems like you're the only one with on off issue ? are you returning it or contacting your seller ? anyone else having this problem ?
@advil000 thanks having 2.6ms input lag is incredibly awesome smile.gif. which monitor are you currently using ?
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WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!! My replacement came today and it is glorious! Zero dead or stuck pixels running nice at 96Hz. If there is this "yellow tint" thing going on, I don't see it or it doesn't bother me.The colors look great and I am a bit of an audio/videophile that spends time calibrating and such. I notice that if I have a black background, I can see some back light bleeding if I am not looking at it dead on but I am always right in front of it. It's amazing how not having a stuck pixel makes me love this monitor so much more! thumb.gifbiggrin.gif;)
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Do you buy from the "official dealer" or from some others? Just see so many sellers selling this screen and all located in Korea. Just want to avoid "fakes" .
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I bought mine from helloemart on Ebay but the price has gone up. I paid $279
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Just bought mine on 10/26 and received 10/29, all the way from S Korea to St. Louis, MO.

0 dead pixels, bought the base model from green-sum. Overclocked to 110hz, no artifacting in Overwatch or any other game I play. I do notice some minor artifacting on certain websites but it's of non-issue and don't see me changing it from 110.

I do have two questions however;

- So with the stand being complete utter junk, I opted for a monitor mound from Monoprice. The screws provided from Monoprice threaded very easily in the back of the Crossover, however they seem to be too long and the monitor is kind of dangling on my mount. Is there a required length of bolt needed for this monitor specifically and could someone provide it the full-sizing I would need to look for?

- Also, is there a way to get off the acrylic looking stand-stem(arm? idk) off the of the monitor after removing the stock stand?

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The screw mounts for this seem to be on the shallow side of what I am used to. The only size Homedepot carries and what many have said are supposed to work is M4X10mm which are still a little long.I fixed this by using the little black rubber isolation things that come with many computer cases/hard drives to eliminate vibrations but I am sure any small rubber washer will work. I have read a few horror stories of people over tightening these mounts and doing major damage or getting them stripped inside so be easy. The "stem" has two screws that hold it inside but you have to take the monitor apart to get to them. I had an old samsung stand that I modified and I was fortunate that the stem didn't interfere with the mounting so I left it on. With my center speaker right there, I will never see it anyways.
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Originally Posted by agent8 View Post

I bought mine from helloemart on Ebay but the price has gone up. I paid $279

and it said pixel perfect?!?!
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