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Where are you from? You can buy Gentle Typhoon from couple of places. There are also EK Vardars, which are similar, yet slightly weaker than GTs.

Yes, Vardars perform quite well.

Take a look at VSG's review of the Vardar F4 (2200 RPM) and how it compares to the Gentle Typhoon AP-45 (2150 RPM)

You'll see that the GTs and Vardars perform similarly in terms of noise to airflow.

Source: ExtremeRigs

This is how the Vardars compare to each other in terms of noise levels if you're curious how the lower RPM versions perform:


Now, take a look at how the lower RPM Vardars perform in comparison to other similarly priced fans currently on the market:


They will be able to push the same amount of air at lower levels than the SP120 QEs. I actually just ordered 16 Vardars to replace all my SP120 QEs maybe 15 minutes ago. You can get them at NCIXUS for $14 a pop before shipping.