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LGA 771 Questions

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So I just bought a dual Xeon e5420, LGA 771 system at a yardsale for $30 [No Ram, OS, or HDD] and I don't know much stuff the older systems, so I have some questions.

First, I know that the Xeon's and the motherboard work, but I don't have any ram, and I was wondering if I could use normal DDR2 ram, of if I had to use ECC Reg, and, If I wanted to game on the system, would ECC Registered ram hurt the performance?

Next, I have NO IDEA how a 2nd CPU adds performance? Like, do I get double the cores, and double the speed, etc.... or do they not stack that well?

Last, is there a way to overclock these Xeon processors, and would I have to have both CPUs at the same clock speed?

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I'm pretty sure the memory controller dictates whether or not you use ECC RAM or not. They are physically different as well (notch in different place), so they are not interchangable. As long as you use RAM that isn't too slow (DDR2 1066 would be too slow) then performance should be good considering age. For gaming, as far as I know it just has more cores. The performance will likely depend on how many cores a particular game is capable of using. I believe there is a restriction on home versions of Windows for how many cores can be available for use, however this knowledge is from older versions of windows. I don't know how it is on 8 or 10, and pro versions do not have this restriction I believe. You may want to check into this with the OS you plan to use. Or use Linux.

As for overclocking, there isn't much. From what I understand there was a way to mod certain CPUs at 1066 to run at 1333, but your CPUs are already 1333. Unless you find a screaming deal, the cost of 2 CPUs to upgrade will get you near the cost of a more modern CPU that uses a fraction of the electricity to run. Some years back I had 2 computers on my desk, one of which was a Dell Precision 690 with dual 5150's and a Quadro FX 4600 and that machine was a beast for its time. I have a 670 sitting at my feet right now. I just can't justify running it for any length of time when my Celeron can run circles around it at less than 1/4 the power usage.
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