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Hello all!

I post occasionally, but mostly just lurk around. Today however, I require some guidance so decided to post smile.gif.

I've received a request by a Korean monitor manufacturer to have their monitor sent overseas to have them reviewed. Unfortunately I'm quite new in regards to this so not sure where to look.

I've contacted tftcentral, tom's hardware, and also anadatech but wasn't able to make much progress frown.gif. Perhaps either I'm looking at the wrong places or the manufacturer has such low name value they are not interested.

I'm currently allotted three units for review and I feel that perhaps one unit would be better off for community review.

This is where I need help! May I receive some suggestions for places I can contact to have the monitor reviewed and also possibly some references to users on this board for review?

Also due to the fact that competition sellers also view this board I can't openly state which monitor I am referring to yet frown.gif.