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I've tried both the Mionix Avior and Naos 7000 as a replacement to my g9x, which fit my hand me like a glove. I wanted both of these mice to be comfortable, but they just aren't, alas. I sort of suspect I will never find a mouse as comfortable as the g9x for my grip, but I'm just wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations? The most specific reason why the g9x was so comfortable to me was because 1) The end of the mouse where my palm would rest is high in the back instead of sloping downward like most mice I see. This area has a great grip, and I would use my thumb, ring, and pinky to tightly lock the mouse, pushing it against my palm, and be able to very tightly and precisely control the mouse. 2) The mouse clicks have a very minimal actuation and resistance, I can click almost twice as fast on the g9x as I can on the Mionix mice. The clicks are a very minor issue and I would really just prefer a mouse that doesn't cramp my hand. My final gripe with the Mionix mice is the coating(some kind of non-stick?) which is unfortunate, because the mouse is constantly slipping out of my hand. This is probably the worst aspect of the mouse's design, but a minor issue in comparison to comfort/ergonomics in the context of grip style. Mice I'm wondering the viability of claw-gripping about is the g502, FK1, but I'm open to any recommendations. Thanks for reading.