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Good afternoon everyone,

I read with attention this interesting thread:

And I actually was looking for a fast storage for my Z Workstation (not rack version).
Size could be around 12-20 Tb of data.

My goal was the reach the maximum speed, and I had a chat with a technician at Promise Technology this morning.

I was checking reviews of the following brands:

-G-technology (especially G SPEED Studio)
-Promise technology (especially Pegasus2 R6 and R8)
-AKiTiO (AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad)
-ProAvio (EB800MS V2)
-and a few others.

The guy at Prosime told me Thunderbolt 2 option is 20Gb/s theorical, and this connection can reach the maximum speed of around 1350 MB/s.
Thinking about a Pegasus2 R8 with 8x 7200 hard disks of around 170 MB/s each one, you reach that maximum speed too in RAID 0, and around 900-1000 MB/s in RAID 5.

About ProAvio EB800MS V2, that can be used with an ARECA 1883x controller PCI-e card to go with 12Gb/s SAS connection:

The SAS cable from ProAvio, uses a 4x lanes of 12Gb/s each one, that means a theorical of 1500 MB/s x4 = 6000 MB/s, but in real speed it will be around 1100 MB/s x4 = 4400 MB/s, a lot much faster than Thunderbolt 2.

Indeed you will be not reach this speed with 8x 7200 hard disks, but you would need for example 8x SAS 12Gb/s hard disk, that can reach 230 MB/s each one, for a total of 1840 MB/s (always talking in RAID 0 comparision).

All this discussion to say SAS 12Gb/s is going on 4x lanes on the cable, for a total of 48 Gb/s, at can reach much faster speed than Thunderbolt 2 20Gb/s.

The reseller told me the Pegasus R8 it's indeed faster than the ProAvio product, but I doubt it.

Into different products of these I can for sure load different type of hard disks, but just with the option of the ProAvio I can get faster speed, since it's going through the 12Gb/s interface.

What do you think about this? Which kind of product do you suggest me, for speed and stability.

Thank you