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I really need some advice regarding how best to connect the fans for a push / pull configuration for the dual h100i gtx. I also just need to hopefully gain some knowledge of terminology fromthis thread and gain some facts regarding what options I have.

For the h100i gtx this is the case:

"The Max current is no more than 4 Amps total and no more than 2 Amps per fan header."

But what I don't actually understand is how corsair link actualy monitors the PWM ( assumed pwm ) fans. Does it monitor them through the channel fans or cpu fan connectors of the motherboard that support 4 pin pwm monitoring or does the radiator itself actually have 4 pin fan header slots to monitor the stock ( pwm assumed fans ) from the h100i gtx; I believe they are static pressure pwm corsair fans ) ?

My motherboard is an Asus p8p67 le

Which support three pwm fans to be monitored and one power fan with a three pin slot ( so I assume this one can't be adjusted ).

See diagram below

My question boils down to this. Since I would prefer my pc to have software to basically monitor every possible fan that can have PWM support for adjustments to speed -
What is the maximum number of fans that I could get the motherboard to monitor and the h100i to monitor to avoid using an external fan controller in the top 5.24" drive bay completely?

If it is possible to avoid a 5.25" drive bay fan controller ( or 3.5" 4 fan controller ) for that matter, can anyone suggest how best to hook everything up for example which fans should I pslit with a y cable if possible?

I a solution below but maybe someone can suggest something better or could advise on the voltage compatibility with my motherboard using splitters in these instances as to whether they are possible.

I am open to suggestions removng the front 120mm 4.25" fan that is pushing air upwards.
In fact I would not be able to use a fifth bay for that upwards facing fanif I had a fan controller anyway sinc I will be covering two 5.25" bays with evercool armor, a third bay with evercool 3x40mm fan convertor leaving one final bay for either the fan controller or the 120mm fan shooting air up. Or I may shoot the air down if the drives are getting enough air from the 80mm fan.

solution 1:

use y splitter on all three motherboard connectors: CPU_FAN CHA_FAN1 and CHA_FAN2 connecting the 120mm fan out the back , one of the 120mm fans on the bottom in one channel. Another channel fan having the 140mm front intake fan and the 80mm fan and the cpu fan taking the optional 120mm fan in the front and the second 120mm fan on the bottom. Having these fans monitored and adjust automatically or manually by asus ai suite ( on the mother board ) or a third party software program that can do this.

The h100i headers just connecting the four fans that are on the radiator. Having them monitored by corsair link. [/B

hook up the three 40mm fans to the power suppy directly and one to the PSU_fan socket on the motherboard

other possible solutions:

  • basically being advised that the h100i doesnt have its own pwm connectors which operate through the usd socket on the motherboard so I have to use a manual fan controller in the drive bay.
  • noticing that since 2 amp max per header on the radiator that I can't have a y splitter for all fans so I'd have to use two headers on the radiator then use up the headers on the motherboard for those two fans in pull on the radiator and be left with only 2 more that can go into the motherboardleaving four to be monitored by a fan cotroller and the three 40m to be hooked ot the PSU and with one to the PWR_FAN

any ideas? thanks