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First time fan cable rewiring + sleeving help

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Hey all,

Not new to watercooling, but I'm soon going to endeavor on a refresh on my last build from a 900D into a CaseLabs Mercury S8 (Side note: I'll have some spare parts left over once I finish the build-- some radiators, possibly a D5 pump, bunch of soft tubing fittings-- let me know if anyone wants to buy any of this stuff-- I'd also sell the 900D but it's so big & heavy it'd be a fortune to ship).

Anyway, as part of this new build, I want to clean up my radiator fan wiring by combining the 3 non-PMW fan wires into one, sleeved cable that then plugs into an Aquaero 5. I have a few questions about this if anyone can shed any light:

  1. What is the best way to combine the different cables of each fan? Should I solder them? Or is twisting together and electrical tape enough? What's the best place to combine the cables so that I can still fit paracord sleeving over it?
  2. I read that I should only be sending the RPM signal of one of the fans, so that means I should just tape off the unused RPM wires of the other fans?
  3. I'm a little unclear about the metal pin at the end of the wire that goes into the plastic connector-- what is the actual name of this? Are these easy enough to remove and re-apply? Should I buy new ones? If so, what's the best place to buy this stuff?
  4. Aside from a pin removal kit, what other tools should I expect to use for this?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the noobish questions. Haven't really taken on an electrical type of project with my watercooled builds yet.
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Sleeving can be a very big and consuming job, but it is not that hard to do once you got a good basic pc sleeving tool kit and some practice.

But the best advise i can give you is to go on Youtube and watch some of the many guides about sleeving, there is a ton of them out there.

1) Soldering is always best imo., but twisting the wires and electric tape will do fine in a rush, it just might not hold together if you pull to much on the wires, it's better to do it right the first time wink.gif

3) It can be easy or very tricky to get the wires out on the connector plug. And yes, the pins can be reused, if you fold the small fins on the metal-pin on the wire a little bit out.

Good luck with your mod i hope you have alot of pattience, as sleeving can be a nightmare if your new to it biggrin.gif
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