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Display failing

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Starting a couple weeks ago, my display began randomly crashing. This happened on both Arch Linux and Windows. It got worse and worse, from almost immediate crashing to not even displaying my motherboard's logo on boot. Yet, everything else seems to work fine: my boot up sound plays, and if I crash while listening to music it will continue to play.

The first thing I tried was putting my card in another 16x slot. This failed. Then I tried it in a 4x slot, and miraculously it worked. Unfortunately, the issue came back after about a week. I ordered my 7850 over a year ago, so I assumed it had died and tested another GPU. It worked for about an hour before failing to even display my GA-990fxa-UD3 4.0's logo.

My computer has worked flawlessly for over a year. I'm quite sure there is a hardware failure going on here, but I'm not sure what it is. My CPU is an fx-8320 and my PSU is an EVGA 500w. Any help would be appreciated.
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if you have a diff gpu try that for a week or two see if it goes away. otherwise your monitor might just be dying, sadly it does happen.

if you have a friend that has a spare nvidia card you could use, might be a driver issue too but i doubt it, sounds like your monitor might just be dying, if you have another monitor you can try for a couple weeks do that, if no issues, then its confirmed your monitor is dying.

dig a hole for it, have a ceremony xD
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