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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would run my SSD issues past to see if anyone has had the same issues.

I was using my system for a couple of years with my ssd without issue. My mainboard is a Asus P5G41T-M LX and I had a OCZ agility running win7 ultimate 64bit.

I powered it down and put it into storage for a couple of months while sorting out a new house. On restart windows would not load. I replaced the ssd and have the same issue.

When I use a normal sata spinning disk I can boot from usb image and load windows, runs stable.

When I use ssd I am unable to image from usb, it starts to load with the coloured windows logo spinning in and dies at the same point every time. I can image from cd rom but it doesnt last long and i hear the cd rom power down and the system crashes immediately after that sound. When I try to reboot it will not load and only boots as far as the spinning coloured windows logo and crashes at the same point that the usb boot does.

When I load safe mode it gets to classpnp.sys and will not load, although I think it is the crash that is corrupting windows anyway.

Anyone had these issues. I have updated the mb bios and loaded the latest chipset drivers. My gut is telling me its a power issue as the crash is when I hear the cd rom power off.

Thanks in advance.