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For some time the rpm output has not worked on one of my D5 pwm type motors. Since I have two connected this isn't a major problem, and the pwm function still works but it just irks me that the rpm output of one quit.
Of the two pwm D5's I have, one is Swiftech branded and the other is XSPC branded but for all practical purposes appear identical.

So anyway I decided that instead of having them connected via rigid tubing, I would install a Bitspower dual D5 acrylic top. That gave me time to do some looking at the problem D5.

I took the back off, and checked continuity from the fan connector containing the pwm and rpm wires to the solder joints inside the motor and to my surprise there was indeed continuity so I guess whatever drives the rpm output has failed. Not going to affect me but like I said I don't like things that don't work correctly!

For some of you tinkerers this is nothing new but anyway I took some pics if anyone is curious.
The blue wire is the rpm and the green wire is the pwm.