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hello all so yea im needing some help deciding what gpu to get. it would be used for gaming I have a 1080p display but using gedesoto iv been hooked on down sampling to 1440 and 4k smile.gif im looking to max out the witcher 3 ,upcoming games and heavy texture moded skyrim with smc and enb all at 60fps with vsync . i was originly settling for the titan x..but since there was no aftermarket cooler i waited and now with the release of the 980ti i cant decide what one to go with. performance wise 980ti is more or less close to titan x and there are aftermarket coolers - the extra 6gb of vram. so my choice is between the titan x.(only if 6gb would not be enough) or 1 of these 980ti cards for a single configuration. but im no expert and need a little help.thanks
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