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Hi I have other systems a Dell Latitude 13 among other desktops none have this issue.

It like crackles with bassy songs especially during production. Just unusual it skips and crackles when the monitor is open updating every 1000ms... Too much delay is not something I like. I like 1 second update time. If I set it to 10 seconds same thing every 10 seconds.

Creative SB X-Fi XtremeGamer Sound Card

I added that card and hooked up the front panel connection to it directly. Doesn't fix it any better even know the sound quality is better on the Creative for sure.

Is there any way to prevent this? It's like happens hit or miss every 10 or so seconds even when the monitor update period is 1000ms... Still occurs every few seconds. Makes me think my produce is junk but it sounds perfect on any other system for which AIDA64 is running on.

Is there something I can do maybe about a Resolution Timer or something? Can I just set a value in Registry for Resolution Timer?

I used an App called DPC Latency Checker and with AIDA64 open on my T7500 the latency hops as high as 15,086 us or whatever ultra micro second or something? Anyway with AIDA64 closed it's a continuous 70us or so...

I guess the real solution would be don't use AIDA64 or use a newer version without this issue...?

Or is there another solution?

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