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Well this is a sexy thread thumb.gif

Shape: Xornet Shape without the pinky rest yet still ergo design so no buttons on right side OR
G303 diamond shape with a smaller/shorter ass and straight right side, basically G303's right side + MX300's left side.

Coating: No coating on top like G303 (or maybe a bit of matte coating?), heavily textured plastic sides (like Torq X5)

Sensor: PMW3366

Main Buttons: Haven't decided on a specific switch manufacturer yet but I'm definitely in favor of G303's spring-tension system. It'll just be better if they provided spare springs with the mouse and an easy way to replace those. Also buttons should be long enough to cover about half of the top shell (like Xornet/Spawn) and easily clickable at any point on top.
Extra Buttons: 2 on top to change DPI and 2 on left side.

Wheel: Optical encoder with a narrow, rubber coated plastic wheel.

Cord: Who cares, I use a glass pad and a bungee biggrin.gif

Weight: 67.5 - 75gr

Length: 108-to-112 mm

Feet: No weirdly shaped feet, I like Tigergaming feet's glide.

Software: Yes please and onboard memory is a must. Other than that: LOD, Click Latency, Angle Snapping and adjustable DPI settings (with 50 DPI increments) in software, and no online DRM. Mouse should obviously be usable without software.

Misc: No lights of any kind or color and dark colored shell. Screws that aren't placed under mouse feet, ffs.