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@ gupsterg

Sadly i just tested the sistem with a old nvidia 440 and it does not do the problem;

However, you got a point where you say "the artifacts should apear on the screenshot too"
Sadly they dont, which is wierd, its like the problem is on the monitor side ?
I dont get it .... its something in between the HDMI output and monitor, but again its not the monitor nor the cable.

Could it be the connectors?
But for the love of God, 1 faulty output ~okay, but ALL 3 of them ? (2x dvi and 1x HDMI)

Also to note is that it only does this when the card is idle in its #3 GPU state (the 300mhz one)


Hmm this is wierd, i just experienced a "driver was restarted" blah blah, my fault couse of pushing the core clocks stupid;

BUT! guess what, now it doesnt flicker anymore;
So i restarted the PC, thinking it "fixed itself" and it does flicker again ....

Now ive tried diferent drivers, like 4 of them, could it be windows 10 ?...
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I found 290/290x is a bad design card/product.

I alway change the cooler except watercooler for a  constant  core frequency.


There are two situations:

1.My 290 MAX temp is 66C when furmark burning.  Set a target temperature to 63C and it runs @ 62C.

The core frequency is varied, 800-900Mhz, If I increase the fan speed, the frequency higher, If I need quiet , the frequency lower.


2. If I want the core frequency constantly, set the target temperature to 95C , Max fan, Max Power limit.  

Run a heavry 3D game over and over again, there will occur

black screen . Unless I set the memory clock lower than 1100Mhz , black screen even if mem @ 1125Mhz.


For those 2 situations above, what  can I do  to fix this poor/sucked things  or I should try to accept this.


@gupsterg  suggest I would try 95v rail vol.  It would fix this problem?  I really think about this is a bad design or a  hardware defect.

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I feel so sorry for some of you people with 290s;
I seriously have no problem OC the ram or the GPU clock on standard voltages;
I can do 1200 gpu almost 1250 and 1500mhz ram, on STOCK voltages....
the problem that im having is heat, i have a windforce thats faulty by design, currently running at 1100mhz with 1500mhz ram and it hits around 77c in heaven (note fans are set to 100% at 80c).

Other then that ,i have no problems with black screens or any of that (other then my flicker in #3 state problem)

The chip is amazing, but the cards... yeah... you might get lucky or unlucky....
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also why do you want 66c ?

I mean the card can run perfect even in the 90s.... sure, its not a good idea to let it stay in the 90s all the time;
But why would you want to clockdown to such a low freq just to do 66c under furmark (for the love of god that program is made intentionaly to burn cards lol)
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Sorry my poor english.
keep 1000/1250Mhz 100% fan,   the max temp is 66c in furmark , run this  to get a highest temp.
1. aviod black screen,  set a target temp to 62c ,  the core frequency is varied, 800-900Mhz.
2. aviod black screen,  set mem clock @ 1100mhz.
Otherwise,  keep 1000/1250Mhz,  for 2-30 mins occur black screen  and  must  press power button to reset.
So, maybe I get lucky or unlucky :axesmiley
a reference 290 could unlock to 290x
it is lucky.
lower freq or blackscreen , it is unlucky.

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Sounds like you got a real problem ;

If you tried diferent bioses from other brands and still does that, you sir, sadly, have a faulty unit.....

If it doesnt work with stock/untouched BIOS from your manufacturer, then its faulty, get that replaced;
It should def not do that in any way ....


Now i understand, so you unlocked the card into 290x, seriously if it makes more problems then its worth, why bother ?
If this is the reason of your above problems, seriously i recommend you simply flash it back to normal, its not worth the 10fps you would get under NORMAL operating conditions (290 vs 290x) which yours does not work as intended ....
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Thank you!  @SilverShine1

I have try a lot of bios  for a year .

I think  I should accept the fact, or sell it. 



Both black screen  290 stock bios /290x (tried  mass  bios includ my edit bios self).

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Then you have a faulty unit, i recommend you send it back for waranty.

If it does that on the stock rom then its got a serious problem, it shouldnt do anything like that.


What baffles me is why are you even here to ask about a card thats blackscreening, and your fiddling with bios mods etc when the first thing you should do if it doesnt work with stock rom is to send it back for warranty ....
what gives ?
No warranty ?
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warranty it  may be lost the 290x unlock  

Because of  lower mem  @1100Mhz  or   sometimes  -6 -12 -19 mv core voltage    and  id23 id 22 lower  temperature of vrm   

so  I'm here.



Yeah, it's elpida ram, I have lost the stock bios, and a friend send me a same card stock although.

The card is brand yeston, there is nothing usefull tool  on their poor site.

Yeah, I should try to send it back for warranty before sell it.


Thank you for all the people who helped me. 


Best regards!!

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You do realize that those ram chips (especialy if elpida) dont run well when underclocked so bad, yes ?
I mean 1100mhz shouldnt be a problem for hynix, but elpida's another story.

Trust me, warranty is not lost couse of flashing, there is a marker there to see how many times the card was flashed, but you might get lucky enough for them not to check what was flashed on there, or something along the times;
What im saying is: try it, try to send it back for warranty, you never know what avg Joe works that day and just say "yeah okay, replace it" and there ya have it:)

However, do flash the stock bios WITH THE MANUFACTURER FLASHING TOOL before shipping it back!
(dont flash it with atiflash.exe, unless thats how the manufacturer says you should)
And just explain the situation and lie like a sob something along the lines " donno whats going on, i keep getting BSODs all of a sudden blah blah blah, fix it"
Dont tell them its been doing this for months, just mention youve updated the bios back-and-forth for stability (they will notice this anyways) and nothing changed....

I strongly recommend you take this action first, before you even consider to solder stuff on it.
(if the card's been opened, just find a little black round piece of sticky paper and stick it on the gpu screws ~trust me, it works)

Good luck!
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