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Hehe, i have a gigabyte card as well;
You must unlock the voltage settings in the "settings" in Afterburner, then restart the PC to have voltage control;

Match these settings in Afterburner, then restart smile.gif

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sadly i did tried to do that in the very first days(~2 months ago), but voltages still were locked, - http://puu.sh/pHE6f.png , don't think that it works for R9 390x series, sadly
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Alright well first things first

I simply modified the voltage values to what i would use to begin OCing.

That beeing said, yes i would flash this on my card.

Now reset the OC on the graphics card, everything, leave it stock.
Use atiflash under dos with the current parameters : atiflash.exe -f -p 0 mod.rom
(0 = zero)
Check OP's first post to get the "tools"

If anything bad happens, switch the BIOS using the switch on the board come back here and we'll figure it out.
(this is so you dont get stuck , dont worry smile.gif )


These are the voltages that ive imput, and il show you how to do it yourself smile.gif

Modified bios is atached.

mod.zip 99k .zip file

Get the "Hawaii Reader" tool from the OP's first post;
And ive created a rather simple explaination on what "you" are interested in.
Read the stuff on the right so i wont repeat my self, do it 5 times... smile.gif
(yes i know my MSPAINT skills suck, sorry smile.gif )


First thing you wanna do after flashing in windows is to check the temps constantly.
Good luck, and come back smile.gif
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atiflash 2.71 will do? redface.gif
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These, use the atiflash tool from that link
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a, nvm , it's wrong one, need 4.17 right?
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ok, got the one which you linked now
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thank you very much, it works - http://puu.sh/pHHjG.png , but you are right, first things first, i think i'll give it a try to run same witcher 3 & well 3dmark but at 1120 1500~1600
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Id do imediatly with those settings 1150 and possibly 1200. clock and 1600 ram.
Dont fool yourself with 1120 not with those volts no...
Try 1200 see if it crashes, then go lower to 1150.
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well i did test in witcher 3 but now a bit lower count of time , ~10 minutes, because it just stuck on same number of degrees, at 1120 1600 power limit +50%, it stuck on 75 & rarely went to 76 but then just back to 75 & sit there all the time, also, there were artifacts, first one at 68 degrees, & a bit more of them starting from 74 degrees , i think from now on i can be on my own thanks to your help with making a good base .rom & that screen of yours of the things which needed to be changed, it would be fine if i will change only the last value (DPM7) in every of the table, right? also please suggest me the voltage which i should not exceed, it's just that it seems that for 1120 1600 power limit +50% need a bit higher to play at ~75 degrees, maybe with ~63 it would be fine but that's just not my case
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