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Originally Posted by haakkern View Post

And thank you for your reply.

I havent checked the card yet. im in the process of changing my loop. redface.gif
I will take som pictures to see soon.

Thank you

Hello Again. I haven`t got the time to test this before now too munch work. But i will maybe flash this weekend.

1 : But whats the best bios for my cards ? I will overclock a little.. but nothing munch i think just experiencing it.

As you can see i run Crossfire 2 R 290 X (sapphire) whit full EK Block..
As you can see on the pictures the are SKHynix memory..
The cards will be cleaned whit Isopropanol Before new goop is on.
My card never been over 43 Degrees hot. (in my Ek Loop).

Question 2 : How long will the flash take ? Minutes ? will there bee some Tweaking later ?

Question 3 : Its recommended to flash in dos i presume ?

Is there any Step by step guide ? Cheers Håkon! thumb.gif

Greetings from Norway.
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1 - There's no best bios ready for your cards.
You have to figure out yourself with a lot of testing (especially since you have 2 cards).
Some bios won't work as expected because of memory timings that are too tight or because of power states with too low voltages (crashes, black screens etc...).

2 - The flash itself takes a few seconds at most. The best thing you can do is modding your bioses with Hawaii Bios Reader and check what works best for your cards (especially since they're watercooled).

3 - Yes you should absolutely flash in dos.

Here's a tutorial for Atiflash:
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Thank you for good answers.. i hope i get some preformance gains whit this biggrin.gif

And my cards ar not in the computer now.. i took them out to check them.
So i will flash one by one.

Is There a Safe "Bios"

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Every card is different, so feel free to try bioses. As long as they're compatible with your PCB (and your cards can handle the overclocks if available), it should be safe (won't destroy your cards. If something gets wrong, boot on the second bios and flash back the faulty one with a working bios).

Performance gains are abysmal and quite useless except if you're into benchmarks.

You should try to find out what overclocks your cards can handle and then edit your bioses with your updated clocks/voltages using Hawaii Bios Reader (there's a lengthy thread about it here). Then you can get rid of overclocking software.

Then you can maximize the efficiency by finding out what lowest voltages the p-states can handle.

I got a R9 290X 4gb with an EK block like yours. My card is not the best overclocker. After a lot of trial and error, I ended up with its default bios (you can dump yours in GPU-Z) at 1150/1400mhz@1362mv and edited the memory timings with the Stilt's ones. Could go lower on the voltage but it would produce artifacts in my recorded videos.

Modded 390X bioses get my card cooler but they tend to be less stable (in my case, I get black screens when connected to displayport in some games). Those MLU bioses would crash it too.

I'd say that ~1100mhz is the wall where it starts requiring huge voltages for a few more mhz. Goodbye efficiency (and good luck with the heat especially since you own 2 cards lol).

When it comes to the memory, going above 1375-1400mhz on Hawaii GPUs is usually useless, especially when it starts producing GPU memory errors that can result in performance drops (Even if you're stable in games, you can check those errors in HWinfo64).
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Thank you for an good answer. (sorry later replay ive been at workout)

I think i will not do this. Basically it to mutch work and to little to fix.
Ill keep them as they are and try some overclocking as they are. (My ek water cooling is quite good)

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