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20% improved Scanning and reaction speed. The scanrate is now 240uS max. Reaction times can go as low as 500 us to a theoretical max of 1.5 ms.

Well now. If my Q700 ever dies, I'll know where to go.
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Could someone please tell me what, if anything, enabling "gaming mode" does other than disabling the Windows key and alt tabbing?

I don't use it because I value being able to alt+tab over disabling the Win key frown.gif
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Sorry to flood the thread, but...I think I found my answer and I'm really unhappy.

From the manual pdf:

We recommend Performance mode for activities where fast reactions are important (such as games). In Performance mode the keyboard electronics send the signals in real
EN time from all keys that are pressed.
In Performance mode, the Win key lock is activated.ThisstopsyouselectingWindows commands by mistake.
When the Win key lock is activated, the signals from the following keys are not sent to the PC:
• Windowskey
• ALT+F4
• ToswitchbetweenOfficeandPerformance
mode, press the CHERRY key ( numerical keypad.
) above the
The Windows key changes between blue (Office mode) and red (Performance mode).
The keyboard saves the setting.

So if I understand correctly, I've been missing out on *all* the gaming niceties that distinguish this keyboard simply because I need to be able to tab out of game frequently.

Buyer's remorse :/

And yes, the key paint rubs off pretty fast.
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