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Thank you all for your help. Went ahead and got the SE42UM at HHG for $299. Installed Pingram's firmware and it made a huge difference where it actually can be used as a PC monitor for work (not into gaming). Will run some tests and post the pictures as soon as I can. In the mean while here is a photo of the "PC Mode".
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I got my Seiki SE42UM a couple of months ago to use as a 4k bedroom tv. I figured I would try it out as a monitor on my rig with a 970 card. Yes the lag was hideous. I just tried to revisit the issue today on a whim and found this thread. I updated firmware in about 5 minutes and I now there isnt any noticeable input lag while playing games in 4k. Granted, I've only tried WoW @ 4k as it not very graphic intensive. I'm getting crystal clear 60FPS at 4k. Honestly I could care less that it is only 4:2:2 chroma. THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! You are Gentleman and a Scholar Ping! You rock!
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Thanks jamwhit glad you're happy with it. I recently reinstalled Diablo3 and did all the updates and it's awesome. I used the GFX app to optimize the game launcher settings for all the basics and then upped the size to full res w/ highest quality but left texture mapping and shadows to medium and it plays fairly lag free and I really presume the minor amount that is there is my cpu lagging. I did oc it to 4.2ghz @ 65c and this thing still spikes when I do a screen share with someone.
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Just got one. Two things I have an issue with. I did the firmware update. I still can't seem to add cable channels. During the scan, only one channel, 2, is saved. Nothing else is detected. Really weird bc I have normal cable with at least 30 channels. Only this crappy, fuzzy as hel no name channel is saved?

Other issue is that Win 7 detects this display but only has it listed as 1080P max. No higher resolutions are seen.

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Sorry can't help u with the channel issue, I'm using the se42um as a computer monitor only. Kind of obvious but have you checked if your computer graphics card can output 3840x2160p @30Hz. Just saying becuse my laptop does not so I have to use a USB 3.0 to 4K HDMI adapter from Plugable to be able to display at 2160p.

Good luck.
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Was this ever able to be picked up in the store?

It wasn't available at the Wolfchase location OP.
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Intel i7 6700 MSI B150 Mortar Artic Zotac GTX 1060 3GB Crucial 8 GB DDR4-2400 
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256 Mushkin Triactor Pioneer BR-RW Windows 10 LTSB x64 Seiki 4K 60HZ 42 inch 
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Got mine at HHGregg for $360 all in with the extra 2 or 3 yr warranty.

Good TV/Monitor. Did the update no problem. Figured out why I was having issues with channels. THe cable company killed off my free basic cable it sent me for years. I pay $70 a month for internet and thought the cable was free? lol nope.

So I bought a $10 amazon OTA antennae. Picture is stellar. Uncompressed 1080P looks nice.

My HTPC Gpu is an old 240GT and will not support 4K. Still, at 1080P, Mad Max looks tight. Runs smooth even with high speed games like Rocket League.
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Hey guys, just quoting the post below because using the firmware posted by pingram, my seiki 42" from hhgregg performs flawlessly
- at UD4K
- 60Hz (not 30hz)
- Geforce 740 GT (not GTX)
- Windows 7
- after the firmware update posted by pingram (just repeating!!)

I also have the 39" that does UD4k@30Hz, I am familiar with the mouse lag, and with the update it is really gone. Especially if you are used to the lag from the 39" like I was!

Also responding because, pingram, I would like to buy you a beer for the help. If you have paypal, IM me!

Another tip, do NOT install the firmware update posted on the seiki site which is as described below as of today's writing:

42" LCD TV, 4K ULTRA HD, 60hz
​Model # SE42UMS with Serial Number:
42C0M5B522SA00001 ~ 42C0M5B522SA01677 click here
42C0M5B536SA00001 ~ 42C0M5B536SA03354 click here

After installing this update my monitor had wavy lines on bootup. Totally unusable.

But then I reflashed to Pingram's and I am BACK and BETTER THAN OUT OF THE BOX.

So pingram again, please IM me your paypal and let me buy you that beer, saved me a trip back to hhgregg, now I am keeping!
Originally Posted by pingram View Post

Update, Seiki has allowed me to share the firmware and update process.

From Seiki:
re: lag

Our engineers have looked at issue and have improved response time. If you'd like to try the updated firmware, please see download and update instructions below:

Here is the beta firmware that we have for the SE42UM. Please carefully follow directions below.

After firmware upgrade is complete, make sure to enter TV main menu and go to "Picture" menu. Select the new "PC Mode" option to reduce processing and enable the "just scan" aspect mode.

You can download a copy of the firmware here:


Software upgrading instructions:

1. Please unzip the file and put the "install.img" file under the root directory of a USB flash drive. And insert the flash drive into USB port on back of TV.
*CAUTION: Do not remove the USB flash disk or power off during updating, otherwise the operation will fail.

2. Press "Menu" button on the Remote control first, then press number key “0” four times in a row to enter the hidden Factory Menu before Menu screen disappears.

3. Move cursor to "Software Upgrade" option and press OK key to start upgrading.

4. After about 10 seconds, it will be into the upgrade status, and the screen will display the upgrade progress interface.

5. Please keep power on during the upgrading process, it will take about 1~2 min.
After upgrading successfully, system will auto turn on.

re: color

Try disabling the MEMC and sharpness settings in "Picture" menu, or just try the new "PC Mode" mentioned above to disable some of the video processing.
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Thanks again and glad it worked out so well for you Kensan.

Just to also add I had no original intention of gaming on this monitor but I did load up Diablo 3 as mentioned before and set everything as high as it would go this time. Amazing experience and still very little noticeable lag. There has to be a lot going on the screen but never lags to the point of skipping or being jerky, definitely playable and YES I totally forget I'm sitting in my office chair. TOTAL IMMERSION!!! I freaking love it!
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Another thing I wanted to add for any of you with GTX 960+ cards, the annoying flickering on some of the windows chrome such as right click dialogs, etc. has been gone since the latest video driver update (driver ver 355.98). I thought it could be the monitor but appears it was the video card.
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