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Not only have I received my TH10A, but I have assembled it. And yes, it's huuuge! But I have a proper professional desk. It's one I got from work when they replaced the furniture in one part of the building. So it's not some flimsy cheap thing from a discount store. I did measure it up before I went ahead ordering the TH10A and the desk is big enough.

I have to reorganise my desk before I embark on building my rig. There's a laserjet sitting where the TH10A is going to go..

But I'm going to have the TH10A on the desk before I start putting components into it, not least so I'm working on it at a comfortable height. So the lifting will be when the rig is empty. If I need to move it after it's built, I'll just call a friend. But for the most part, once it's on the desk, it's staying there.