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@SAL9000, I find myself in the same dilemma. I agree, the TH10A with a pedestal is too tall for me too. I'd like to put all my rads in a basement and leave only the res and motherboard in the MB side and the PSU and drives in the PSU side. But the height of the TH10A would leave everything looking a bit sparse in the MB side.

I looked at the M8A too, which is a better height for putting on a pedestal, but the M8A is only 510mm deep, not 662mm deep. So you can't accommodate a pair of 480 or 560 rads in the pedestal.

What I think we're both looking for is either a double wide version of SMA8, or a full depth version of the M8A for use with the MAC-168 pedestal.

As it is, the TH10A looks like being the closest to meeting MY requirements, although I'm not a fan of drawing air from underneath the bottom of the case. Unless you have good ground clearance, sufficient airflow is potentially an issue and dust control is another. You'd have to use a filter down there, but it would need to be readily accessible for regular cleaning.

@WelcomeNate, With their having suspended the rollout of the Nova series and suspended the colour options in order to get their production lead times under control, I can't see them proceeding with Gemini this year at all, Once their production is under control, I'm guessing they need to complete the rollout of Nova before then getting onto Gemini. I can't see CaseLabs coming out with Gemini until mid 2016 at the earliest. But I stress that this is only what I've gleaned from what's been said, and the only guys that can say for sure are CaseLabs themselves ... and I'm sure they will (reply) in due course.
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In the basement... I like that

I'm glad you see what I see when it comes to case design, I like to have the primary aspects of a PC in separate compartments if possible. Motherboard, storage, PSU which makes for tidy cable management. My idea is actually pretty simple and I hope CaseLabs considers it - but they might have already considered such a design and passed on it because it would overlap with the TH10A and the M8A too much. Of course that is speculation but a case like I wrote about would be nice.

I have also been reconsidering the name. I think I got the designation wrong for the design. The "S" means single wide and this is not a single wide case. How about MA8W, DWM8 or DMA8?

Adding water cooling to the mix adds to the complexity of a case. My set-up would be to have 4 radiators: 2 up in the very top and 2 in the basement as you said. The PSU and storage would be on the right and the motherboard and reservoir on the left. Nice and neat - good airflow in all directions I think.

Flex bays on both sides might be cool but it might make the case too wide for that but who knows. I have never seen a TX10 in person to see how big that case is.
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If all plans hold true and no economic disasters occur my plan is to complete one of my big dreams in computers, and that is to get myself a CaseLabs case next summer or so (It will take me at least that long to save up enough). What's been described here sounds like the absolute dream case, I too would like a double wide, reverse build case. Fairly big but not bigger than that I could keep it on a table for a glorious view through the side window. Of course with drop in radiator mounts and a PSU location that doesn't block radiator/fan mounting.
Until I will keep reading every review, following the forums, checking every picture and build and dream (hey, when you're isolated and disabled you'll have to take whatever kicks you can). And if my plan fails, well, thank you anyway for providing the stuff that dreams are made off and that inspires!
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